Welcome to Community College Problems. Don't stay here too long -- you have a college to get out of, remember?

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    “Going to community college makes me really, really sad, but so does everything else, so, you know, just don't be as sad as me, if you can help it, and you should all do well. I'm incredibly sad, and I'm still doing okay, really, if I may say so myself. That's my community college advice. Don't be as sad as I am, and you should be set. I just don't want anyone to have to be as sad as I am, you know? So don't let community college make you sad on top of all else, dudes. Believe me. I'm an expert.”

    I’m in tears.

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    “I'm so sick of people acting like they're better than me because they go to an expensive university and I "only go to community college." "And that that means they're rich and smart and work harder than me." FUCK YOU GUYS. My classes are the same damn level as yours, and they're waaay cheaper, and I work my ass off and get good grades and I'm not gonna be thousands of dollars in debt when I'm finally done. So I sure as hell don't feel inferior! (Sorry, I needed to rant. And I need new friends..)”


    The funny thing is, I get a lot of asks about people wishing they had gone to community college so they could save money. Hell, I have people talk to me about this all the time. Community College is never something to be looked down upon. Own it!

    If y’all ever want to rant, feel free to. I’m literally just here waiting.

    Edit: Upon*

    “Thanks for following me =3 First follower, but that's okay because I actually like your tumblr =D I'm not too hyped about going to CC because they never have any good drama or any sort of art departments... and to be honest, I'm in this rare position (for me, anyway...) where I'm completely confident in my abilities with no outlet to show it. Sigh.”

    Of course.

    Community college is what you make of it. And it really is a bummer about the arts department in your school. Sometimes, the arts aren’t as focused on as with other programs because of a school’s concentration on technical training programs. Though, that is not always the case. You should look into starting a club at your community college dedicated to Drama if there isn’t one already. It sounds kinda tough, I know, but you could meet some like minded individuals that could ease your process through the community college system.

    Good luck young grasshopper!  

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    Submit !

    I’m currently hoarding posts to put in a queue; so submit your ideas and I’ll start posting them all in a week and it’ll be like I never left.

    Except I did

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    “I normally don't do followbacks but I thought you deserved it”

    No you deserve it!

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    “Are you ever going to continue posting CC Problems-type posts?”

    Yes, I actually am. I miss you guys.

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    I thought this was my personal account for a sec. Dang.

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    Guys, I literally just talked to

    Excuse me while I die.


    Uh, this blog is better than spreadable butter. Of course you won’t be disappointed ;).

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